1. C. Tassen

    After reading your post I was searching for a nice “Good size” wallpaper.. But I just get really frustrated with the bad an low quality websites Google.nl keeps presenting when doing a search for “wallpaper + anything”…

  2. Doug

    Thank you for clearing this up — especially the part about the “native” dimensions of 1920×1408, which is necessary to work in both landscape and portrait positions and to allow for the side-scrolling effect.

    Now if I could only find some nice wallpaper images in those dimensions!

  3. John

    Thank you very much, this article is very helpful and all my concern about the wallpaper in my Android tablets is now answered….

  4. Alex

    Useful article, thanks. Also, I liked the picture you used as an example.

  5. TW

    Thanks for your article and the template! I didn’t want to install an app for wallpapers so now I might try to see if I can modify some wallpapers according your template.

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