• iggi

    What can I say about it? Big Brother is finally going to watch us all. Unfortunately, when corporations and governments talk about security, they mean not security for people, but their own security against people.

  • The DataRat


    With the incredible number of background programs and utilities I
    run simultaneously (multiples of what a “normal” user runs), I’m amazed at how ~few~ program conflicts and associated glitches I have !

    Avast, Short Keys, Ad-Aware, Google Desktop, Spybot, Clip-X, Everything, FileBox eXtender, Super F4, Actual Window Guard,
    Actual Title Buttons, Answer.com Bar, Desk Drive, Live Mesh,
    Handy Folders, Send 2 Back, Display Fusion, Type It In. Sheesh !

    And all these on top of the more generic processes like Dell Touch

    My machine ~should~ be exploding ! But it doesn’t.


    The PC Rat


  • kelltic

    I don’t know the answer to your question. I can only say, I hope not. I do not care AT ALL for the idea of all my “stuff” floating around in the clouds. What I do care for is all the wonderful programs that run on my nice stable system. I can move them around any way I like. I can make them look any way I want. No one else can touch them, hack them, make changes to them that I don’t like, or render them useless, or stop me from accessing them. They all work just fine whether or not I have an internet connection.

    What happens to people – and yes, they are out there – who are on dialup? Do these web apps work for them?

    I get online in the a.m. just to check out what’s going on in the software/computing world. Then I open Thunderbird and check my email. After that, I turn off my connection and work – with my own applications. That is the way I want it.

    Oh yeah – and I hate Google and I hate Big Brother and I am beginning to hate the US government.


  • The DataRat


    Like or not, the Cloud is coming !

    Got nothing to do with personal preferences and predilections. And, yes, folks with dial-up will be even more screwed than they are now. You can’t stay generations behind the technology curve and expect it to be pleasant !

    You can hate Google, the Government, and your Mom, and it won’t matter.


    The DataRat


  • @iggi

    Pretty much… But I think that such situation when government puts pressure on privacy – it creates an opportunities (business including) for others to provide that privacy.

    Things like open source cryptography aren’t born out of curiosity, but out of need. Even negative stimulus can cause improvement.


    And I see quite a few in your list that is exactly software to fix software. Be it malware infestations or interface shortcomings. Wouldn’t it be nice to move on from being content with it to not needing it? :)


    Cloud is merely part of equation. It solves many issues, but nothing that software can’t do. It’s just that software must struggle to get some things right, that cloud gets done out of the box.

  • kelltic

    @Data Rat

    Should have kept my old typewriter. Well, at least my calculator is in good shape. Many folks who stick with dialup are doing it because they have no choice. Others because of the cost. Right now I have DSL but in a few years, I will no longer be able to afford it, so it will be dialup or nothing.

    Yeah, I know they don’t care if I hate them or not. I was just voicing my feelings – while I’m still allowed.

  • Hey, no fighting. :)

    I know first hand how excruciatingly crappy it is to have bad Internet connection. I can only say it does get better over time. It took me years to move from dialup to really crappy DSL to really decent connection (at long last).

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