• Saurabh

    Had used this to play some games once..but since those games were before my time I don’t really know of any classic. I didn’t like the ones I played too much so I gave up. I find more satisfaction in Kongregate (which you had mentioned before)and other such sites.

  • @Saurabh

    I am hardly a gamer myself in recent years. Still I had played with DOSBox in the past and it got recently updated so decided it is worth a post. :) Last time I brought it up it stirred my work with people rushing to revisit their favorite old games.

  • Saurabh

    Yes I too am not much of a gamer. I last played a biggie commercial game two or three years ago. Now with my school and college entrance exams finally over I have 2 or 3 months free ahead of me. I have to see what productive(html?) or unproductive use(games?) I put it to.

  • @Saurabh

    Congrats on exams!

    And I am quite busy and distracted with work, diploma project for courses and blog stuff I want to finish by July. I hope summer will be more calm. :)

  • Saurabh

    Thanks! Though results start pouring in next week onwards.
    So best of luck to both of us…for the results and for the diploma. :)
    Count on me to deviate from topics of discussion. :)

  • Chocobito

    The good old DOS :), actually I use this really good DOS emulator for play that old games that don’t run anymore in the PC, this have several features for make old games more pleasant to the new generation (like Hi res Filter for low res games, etc), anyways that classic are good by them self.
    Other good alternatives for play old DOS graphical adventure games (like the funn Monkey Island series) is use other open source project called ScummVM.

  • @sonu

    Thanks for suggestion, bookmarked to check out.

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