• Thanks for these details buddy. I think I will also use these to integrate Google search better in my website (primarily, show my banner, instead of Google’s).

  • Nikos

    Thank you Rarst! Exactly what it was needed!

  • @Ishan

    External results page works almost as well probably… But integrated is more cool and techie. :)


    You are welcome. :)

  • Today I finally decided to take the plunge, and show the results within my website. Came to this post, and followed steps closely. Got stuck on “Set up search results page” step ( I am terrible in PHP). Then, found following link that explains this step extremely easily:


    .. and voila, I am all set. It looks beautiful :)

  • @Ishan

    Shows nicely at your blog, but I think you lost footer. :) At least it is missing for me in search results page.

  • You are right – the search results do not have footer. I tried using post_footer() function (or something like that), but it started showing sidebar as well. I did not get a chance to research that which function should I use to just show footer and not sidebar. Anything that you know at top of your head ?

  • @Ishan

    I think it should be get_footer(); Drop me email if you want me to look into it properly. :)

  • Yea, that was the function I was trying but it starts showing sidebar as well. I have contacted my theme designer to see what’s wrong. Thanks for offering to help :)

  • Hi,

    After install … I tested it from a normal front page (non WP)
    And the search found some FLASH in a plugin (VIPERS) and some stuff in my themes…

    So I excluded the paths

    I also added exclude
    and /config*

    Is this correct – Alone the line and is there more dir that I need to exclude?


  • @Self Discovery

    Yep, Google indexes a lot of not so obvious stuff if it can.

    Did you add these exclusions in CSE settings? It might be better to create robots.txt and block sensitive parts from search engines completely.

  • Hi Rarst,

    I added the WordPress dirs directly into the CSE Google Custom Search Engine(Exclude section)

    And also blocked other robots with the robots.txt file! Thx for reminding me!!

    Check out the new design and podcasts at http://www.selfdiscovery.dk (in English) by Annemarie Doolin

  • @Peter

    Seems to work nicely! You might also play with color/theme settings in CSE (there had been some improvements to those since this post) so that it fits with rest of site better.

    Also I am planning to implement some advanced custom view features in CSE for this blog (new theme live at last) so stay tuned for possible posts on that. :)

  • Thanks, i am searching for such a search in wordpress

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