• i am a wordpress beginner. where should i call list_live_hooks this from?

  • @az

    oh it is working. never mind. thank you.

  • @az

    Ok, if you say so. :) And you are welcome.

    General update – I had tweaked this functions a lot recently, but as part of larger more complex class and it’s not quite ready to replace this version.

  • Thank you sir, this saved a lot of time.

  • Sergio Garcia

    Solid work with these functions. Thanks for making them available.

  • Noyb

    Seeing not a single date on the entire page … I have no idea if this was developed yesterday or 6 years ago. It’s easier to go somewhere else .. and never come back.

  • @Noyb Which stands for “None Of Your Business” I assume? Rude and lame.

    1. The post explicitly has date at the end when I last applied revision to code.

    2. If you don’t care to spend two minutes (many less then it took me to bring this code from idea to implementation and this post) to test if code is still working – I don’t care what is easier for you.

    3. Go. You won’t be missed.

  • Very nice plugin. I’ve just started developing with WordPress so I am learning everything as I go and this is really helpful for a visual thinker like myself.


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