• “Business tends to weight good against profit.” – Nice conclusion! Of course Google seems to be evil when it comes to any money aspects. Personally I like the company which is without any doubts a monopol and sometimes using its powers in a way that seems to be exaggerated. But: If they did not, many people would cry and say that Google is even more evil than it is now while censoring, etc…

  • @Frederik

    I think Google overdid it with white and fluffy public image. Now it blows every small problem into tiny PR nuke for them.

    My guess is people will get slowly accustomed to Google being unperfect – as any other giant company. Then perhaps we will appreciate it more, for those huge evils it could but didn’t. :)

    Thanks for your visit and comment!

  • Yeah. I did not mean Google to be perfect. I just like it because of their great search engine, Adsense and such things. It is not perfect at all, so am I. But I do like myself, too. Even if I am unperfect ;-)

    Google is having problems? Fine, that leads to some kind of “bugfixes”, so we all will be fine with that.

    I will return for sure, you got some interesting stuff here!

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