• henk

    Sorry if this is perhaps a stupid question, but would there be a way to embed a function like this in the User CSS file? So instead of having to click the bookmarklet or button over and over again, all too-wide-images on all opened webpages would be resized to window width automatically? Thanks for suggestion!

  • @henk

    Yep, I think user CSS would totally able to do this. On other hand I think user files management in Opera still sucks and they are not synced with Opera Link like bookmarks (and so bookmarklets).

    As result I am crappy with user files. :) Maybe I do need to learn up some day.

  • Ian Andrews

    Ok sounds like a good idea, where do I go to download this app.

    can you please post a hyperlink…….

    thank you in advance.

  • @Ian Andrews

    It’s not an app, it is bookmarklet. Copy code form the post and save it as bookmark in your browser. Click bookmark to use function.

  • JHJ

    Great, just switched to opera and can now cross this of my list of annoyances.

  • @JHJ

    Welcome to blog and Opera as well. :) I hope you will like both.

    If I may ask what browser had you used previously and what made you switch?

  • dave

    is there any way i can make this happen automatically like the scale to width function already in opera?

  • @dave

    This might be possible with user js functionality… But as above I am not skilled with that. Sorry.

  • @dave

    Thanks for making and sharing it! Might be very handy.

    I am trying to learn up on JS, but going slowly.

  • Chad

    Rarst, this is great, thanks!

    I actually set my home button to this, since I generally just use speed-dial anyways. Now I have a convenient image-resize button.

  • @Chad

    You are welcome. :)

    By the way since Opera had since got extensions I now also use this one – MakeItSo.

    On other hand I had also tinkered some additional stuff with my bookmarklet to scan page for images. Maybe some day I will make it in Opera extension. I am still clumsy with JavaScript, but it is much more of a priority now.

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