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onlineprofits_icon As I tweeted earlier I am going to be onlineprofits-heavy this evening. So if you have zero interest in:

  • coaching programs;
  • my opinion about them;
  • investing money in some education;
  • earning money online.

Then it is safe to take a break from Rarst today.

What it is

Online Profits is training program on Internet marketing and online business put together by Daniel Scocco . It is aimed at beginners and people that want to improve their skills in these areas.

Judging by preliminary information most important things it will try to accomplish are:

  • kicking get-rich-quick ideas out;
  • putting some cornerstones of approach to business online in.

Authorities again?

I had my share of cynical fun poking concept of online authority already. However I have special gripe with authorities that take teaching stance. There are a lot of things to try online and focusing on one of them is probably for the best. As result lot of people with success stories mistake their personal path for ultimate truth .

  • email marketers tell you to stay away from RSS;
  • affiliate marketers tell you to stay away from banners;
  • marketers making $1000 tell you they are smarter than those making $100000;
  • lame marketers tell you to buy their 5-pages e-book for $19.99;
  • list goes on.

However you should not focus before you had tried and found out what works best for you .

OnlineProfits solve this issue in brilliant way – there is big group of mentors participating and each one of them is teaching about area of personal excellence. You get very focused information on each topic while having access to big picture and alternate opinions.


Only mentioning those with whose content I am acquainted and impressed.



**Daniel Scocco** of [DailyBlogTips]( and few other blogs. I like his precise style, a lot of research to back up and confirm simple things and amount of effort he puts in his blogs (with excellent results by the way).**Yaro Starak** of [Entrepreneurs Journey]( . I watched few of his videos and currently started reading his Blog Profits Blueprint e-book. I am not big believer in his method (building email list) but I like his positive attitude and aiming to be very efficient. [His take on Online Profits]( .[Skellie Wag]( . Her blog and writing are seriously one of the best I had ever seen. I am not sure is she participating – had seen her in some posts about Online Profits, but she is not on project page at moment.

I am not following topics closely, but if rest of mentors in program are of same caliber – we are looking at serious authority concentration. :)


Daniel kindly sent me two lessons from the beginning of program (after me whining about not reviewing stuff I have no clue about). I have confession to make – I totally prefer texts written with beginner in mind, even for areas I am proficient in. Writing for beginners takes more skill, is more precise and easier to process.

After reading lessons I can say they are good example of writing for beginners :

  • not shy to repeat basics;
  • using precise definitions;
  • discouraging illusions;
  • providing action points to work on.

Program will have 66 lessons (separated in 21 modules) in total. Considering good size and content even for introduction ones it is safe to expect good volume and quality.

On top of lessons there will be private forum and few more things that are kind of vague at moment (exclusive interviews and tools?).


Daniel is having contest with ten full entries to program as prizes:

  • one blog post about Online Profits per person to participate (no restrictions on size, tone or anything else);
  • must have over 50 RSS subscribers.


Program is priced as $48 monthly and is six months long .

  • Do I want to get into program? Yep. At least enough to write a post and test my chances in contest. :) It looks interesting.
  • Would I actually pay for it? No. I have time, patience and interest for doing my own research. There are tons of free content (often coming from very same mentors) to explore. I have no plans to go all-business online in nearest time. So I conclude it won’t be good investment for me at moment.
  • Best points of program in my opinion? Good amount of content on various topics from experts and opportunity to bug those experts with questions without wasting their time with stupid questions (you pay for it).


This post was written for Online Profits Contest with only requirement to have over 50 RSS subscribers which had left my opinion untouched.

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