1. Ben Tremblay

    That’s a very nice concept and that got me thinking about other avenues for such an idea… ;)

    Good one.

  2. Lyndi

    This site has shown phenomenal growth, Shows you, you have to provide that which your readers want, no fuss, no frills, just good content.

  3. Freddie Taylor

    I swear I learn something new everyday in this blog world. I am going to get myself together. That is a very interesting site and I like the layout for this idea.

  4. Nihar

    I agree with you rarst. I have become a regular visitor of wprecipes.com. It is a very good site with lots and lots of tips coming up.

  5. Rarst


    Yeah, it’s great resource for bloggers. It’s probably harder than it looks (as usual with succesful projects) so I am sticking with “generic” blogging for now. :)

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