1. Miles

    “FTP access is safe … It could believe that my password compromised in some way”

    If you are using FTP instead of SFTP or some other secure protocol, your password could have been sniffed very easily.

  2. Miles

    Does your host not support SFTP? Most file transfer clients (WinSCP, FileZilla, etc) support it. No reason to send your login credentials in the clear, even with some sort of restriction based on IP (which could be spoofed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address_spoofing )

  3. digitx

    In one of your previous posts you mentioned that:

    “Rarst.net is more or less settled in new place by now, courtesy of WPWebHost and my WordPress story that landed me in winners of their recent contest.


    Maybe freebie is not a good choice.

  4. digitx

    I personally do not mind paying a fee for your great blog. If others will, we should work together to find a safe hosting (paid). I will be the first to contribute. Keep this offer in mind and I you want I can research some hosting sites where what happened to you will never happen again.


  5. Donace

    Oddly my site(s) was hacked as well on Friday; they had injected some type of shell program via a vulnerability in a theme file on an other site and got in that way.

    Luckily all they did was muck about with index files and luckily for me I was working on the main sites earlier that day and had recent backups.

    Still a pain up the ass; also the quick thinking by hostgator security tech minimised the down time also.

  6. Donace

    I am not quite sure how they did it though what I did find was a shell script installed which gave them access to the server without going through cpanel or leaving an IP log trail.

    Security said there was minimal fall out so wasn’t to bad.

  7. kelltic

    FYI: No new articles from 08/27/09 until today (09/03/09). That is not a new problem for me; there are always many days in a row that no article or comments show up. I’ve mentioned that issue before. But, during this last long run, every time I opened the site it hung up, leaving the hour glass running and notices in the status bar about what was trying to load. I wondered what was going on. Glad to see everything up and running normally (sort of) again.

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