1. Lyndi

    You have got more guts than I do. You have made a lot of great changes to this theme and in my opinion, the blog should be entered. I wish you lots of luck.

  2. Seth Simonds

    Think of it this way, would you get rid of your favorite old couch just because a visitor mentioned that she didn’t prefer it? Of course not. You go with what you are comfortable first, what others are comfortable with second. That makes a place your home and sets it apart from visiting the cookie-cutter Theme enthusiasts. It also means that the people who feel at home here as well will have reason to return again and again. Good for you!

    Best of luck in the contest!

  3. Thomas martin

    Interressant ! :-)

  4. thegands

    Nice clean white theme dude. Wish you all the best at this contest.
    i’m also part or this contest and joining the same category

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