1. Brian Krogsgard

    Rarst, I’m with you totally on Google Reader.

    Two big gripes:
    1) I can’t subscribe to a private blog, as Reader has no ability to input username and password
    2) The right side of the screen wastes good real estate on irrelevant stuff that would be a good area to sort and filter feeds.

    If I knew of a better free feed, I’d use it… just don’t know of one.

  2. Al

    Why not use Opera’s feed reader? I do and I’m happy with it.

  3. Brian Krogsgard


    Yep. I have one private blog running P2 that I use and I can’t subscribe to it with Google Reader because it doesn’t allow login. Very annoying.

    My screen has extra space on the right where it shows “recently read” and “tips and tricks” where I’d prefer to be able to drag some folder management to.

    I too need to be able to access my reader remotely, so don’t want to switch to a desktop app.

  4. Sandrina

    what changes happened to feeddemon?

  5. Dustin

    I’ve found Brief to be my favorite reader… It requires Firefox, but it’s worth it.


  6. g_rudi

    Have you tried sage extension for firefox?

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