1. Jonny

    Yahoo pipes are such a great idea. However, this is far too clever for me Rarst, I have been subscribed to this feed for ages as I wouldn’t have the patience to make my own:

    It’s a mashup of several services like digg and reddit etc.

    Is there no way of doing this with google alerts perhaps?

  2. Jonny

    Sorry, I mean to make my own feeds using yahoo pipes looks a little tricky for me. There are many catagories I’d like to follow on a a few websites such as digg etc but I use the one I mentioned as it would take me a while to make one myself. Didn’t really make myself very clear. Very creative post though Rarst! I was just offering google alerts as an alternative to Rss. :)

  3. Jonny

    Thanks for the tips, I use netvibes.com for rss but really should look at a proper app. Not sure if netvibes does keyword monitoring I need to look into it. :)

  4. Chris Mear

    Thanks for this pipe — exactly what I was about to go and build myself, and you’ve saved me the effort!

  5. ocarbone

    Unfortunately it does not work.
    http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/tag/{tag} is now empty :(

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