1. Siobhan McKeown

    Saying that I’m really sorry you can’t come, and even more sorry that you’ve been treated so poorly, doesn’t really feel adequate. But I am sorry. I hope that sometime in the future we’ll be able to organise an event somewhere that isn’t so difficult to get a visa for.

  2. Anonymous

    “I don’t nominate myself, in self-punishment for half-arrogant half-tongue-in-cheek “I am totally big enough deal for it!” thought.”

    Those are the kind of thoughts that lead to failure.
    You need to have more faith in yourself and in your wishes and desires.

  3. HHS

    I don’t know if the entire community sees you as unhappy – could just be me interpreting from talking to you and knowing the feelings :) Disconnected, though, yes. And we like you, and what you do, and want you to be more connected and involved. We just all need to head to the Ukraine, I guess! Fixing the USA seems… futile.

  4. Anonymous


    Yet you failed to get your Visa.

    Don’t you think that this may be related to this?
    “I am told I am seen as unhappy and isolated in WordPress community and feel weirdly annoyed that it slips out in my online persona.”

    Interviewers are told to watch for those kind of things. I have met lots of people, even some from Argentina, who got their visas without problems.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t appreciate your blogging. I’m just trying to help.

  5. Anonymous


    I’m trying to help by pointing out that you can’t change the Embassy of the United States, but you can change your own person.
    Sorry if I offended you with my comments.

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