1. nicbot

    What are your thoughts on Orb or Tversity? Would these fit for your environment?

  2. nicbot

    Stick around?? I love this site :D One of my daily reads for sure…when work isn’t beating me into the ground that is.

    I’m setting up my own media server right now actually. I’ve got a dual boot system running win 7 rc1 (love it) and Linux Mint right now…side note, I had MythTV installed, but I just wasn’t feeling it. My main issue I think with the *nux flavors was lack of support for my lame MCE remote. Once I get a new (more supported) one, I’ll probably go back to Myth or Sage.

    On my Vista 64 machine Orb worked great for web access, I never really had a chance to use it as a lan media server though and am curious to give it a try now via Win7. TVersity seems equally as cool, but is more web content orientated which is what I’m ultimately looking for since WMC works great for local content imo. The current Pro version ‘works’ with Hulu which is a huge plus for me. The on the fly transcoding is huge as well.

  3. Nicbot

    It will be dedicated, but my girlfriend needs to be able to use it :/ So it’s gotta be dummy proof.

    I’m all about VM’s for testing apps, different configs and such, but if it’s going to only be an HTPC / media server I don’t want to spare the resources on this machine. Dual booting works fine for this task as well as will be one less hoop to worry about.

    Since it’s a ‘project’ machine, I’m not worried about putting an RC OS on it…and RC 1 is pretty solid so far imo, but we’ll see

    I was an XP junkie for a long time as well and it wasn’t till I was given a copy of Vista Ultimate 64 that I made the switch…And honestly, I will never look back (post sp1). I use XP at work just to avoid compatibly headaches not to mention my hardware there is not exactly pwn-tastic. But as for home, for gaming and media, I love Vista. It just takes a bit more hardware umph…But since I’m not an uber gamer, it’s no biggie for me.

    Never looked in to WHS as I’ve never thought I had the need. I think if I was just going to serve files, I might just get a NAS drive. Or if I want to serve content, there are a ton of Linux distros as well as server apps (as you noted above) to host on just about any Windows platform these days.

    Again, this is my first HTPC so it’s going to be a learning experience, but that’s what stokes me out the most :) Something about breaking things and fixing them that really fulfills me. Maybe it’s all that MacGyver I watched as a kid…ok ok still watch.

  4. nicbot

    Not to keep rehashing this post, but I just stumbled across this and wanted to share.

    TunerFree MCE:

    If you’re in to WMC at all, this is a pretty rad plugin…and it works on Win7 MC too :) Closest thing to working Hulu in MC (Vista/W7) that I’ve found yet plus a ton more.

    This plus MS’s new Netflix addition to MC will make WMC a monster imo.

  5. nicbot

    True that on the MS front.


  6. Johnny

    Hey Rarst –
    I liked the summary. Have you tried “EyeconTroller” from Eyecon Technologies? Worth checking out. The PC/Mac software aggregates any media on a network and creates a virtual library of all your local and web media; you then easily route it to any connected device. It’s compatible with just about any UPnP or DLNA device, and very simple/easy to use, with a common UI for all your media and all your devices.

    The software if free at http://www.eyecontec.com. The coolest part is the iPhone app which has the same UI and lets you control everything remotely – it’s also now temporarily free at the Apple App Store under ‘EyeconTroller’. Apparently they’re also working on an Android version.

  7. Abhishek

    Hi all ,

    I have a quary regarind WMP12,

    1. Play a song from WMP12 select the remote devide “Play To”
    2. Song start plyaed on the remote device.
    3. On from the device select the other server to play the song
    4. Now Device will start playing song from the new selected server.

    Issue :
    WPM12 still streaming the song it not stopping the progerss bar in WPM12.

    Please let me know how to stop this..


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