1. Alek Davis

    I really liked the idea and tried to use this utility for a while, but bugs made it pretty much unusable for me, so I had to uninstall. Too bad, though; if not for the bugs, it would be quite handy.

  2. Alek Davis

    I tried a number of similar utilities, but eventually uninstall all of them. Currently using ArsClip’s (http://www.joejoesoft.com/cms/showpage.php?cid=97) permanent items feature for text replacement.

  3. kelltic

    I use my launcher, Keybreeze, for this. I use it to insert lines that I would otherwise have to hold down the dash key or = key or whatever I am in the mood for. Personally, I like this one: – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - to run across the page. Then there are the tedious things, like address, email, phone#. But best of all, I don’t have to open a symbol map to type in words and names that I commonly use, such as, Lóegaire or Cenn-fáelad.

  4. kelltic

    Hmph. Kinda made mincemeat of my nifty line there, Rarst. Truncation at the expense of esthetics?

  5. The DataRat


    I’ve been using Short Keys…



    The DataRat


  6. The DataRat


    “Free version seems
    way too limited”


    Yeah, it is. Only permits a ~total~ of 15 replacement
    shortcuts !

    Raticus bought the payware version. Just $25, and I
    use it all the time. It’s interface make Texter’s
    interface look primitive !

    The PC Rat is really ~cheap~. And it’s hard to get him
    to put out cash for an applet or utility. With something
    like this used constantly, though, it was worth every
    dime ! Have been using Short Keys for YEARS now.


    The Computer Rodent


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