1. Noah

    Do know you can set variables in a array? :) Example,

    $value_1 = $_SESSION['Numberone']

    $first = array($value_1)

    and so on. :)

  2. Noah

    Ah, I was just checking, cause you didn’t use variables in the arrays :) Trying to be helpful hehe :)
    So you’re going to put on the site ? Cool. How does WP work? I’ve never used it, blogger is free, and the other sites I have are all business related.

  3. Noah

    Ah, I love PHP. Favourite language, I just like the syntax.

    Ah, I see. So a sort of website builder? Sounds good for quickly setting up a blog. I like the thing you have on the top of page, it might just be the best in-site advertising for posts.

  4. Noah

    Hehe, sounds fun. You should take a look at trying to set up your own custom cart while using paypal to pay for it. It’s a complete nightmare.

    Ah, I suppose. Still, as bandwidth becomes less and less of a problem, it’s probably worth it :)

    Do the google ads make your site pay for itself? My cousin swears by them, and what I’ve seen so far, it’s all good.

  5. Noah

    Ah, nice :)
    I’ll have a go at setting one up sometime, when I’m not so busy.

    Oh, nice. My cousin tells me that the best plan is buy a empty server with a name that people search for a lot, and then you get something like £20 ( ~ $30) per click on a ad.

    I guess the trick is to trick your followers to click on the ads, as if they are a part of your site and links to other things on your site :)

  6. Noah

    Pretty much :)

    And now I want a share of the profits! Hehe.

  7. erd

    I am trying your script but i get this php error:
    PHP Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in google_chart.php on line 733

    line 733= $url .= ‘&chem=’ . implode( ‘|’, $this->chem );

    any idea?

  8. Vitaliy Kaplich

    Good job! Thank you for this library!

    I’ve found a small issue:

    The ‘chart title’ should be URL encoded otherwise for instance if the title contains character – “#” all URL parameters following after this character will be treated as HTML anchor and will not be process correctly by Google Chart API.

    Method: SetTitle
    Line: 973
    $this->title = ‘&chtt=’ . urlencode($title);

  9. Tran Ngoc Nhat


    Your replace code : if (is_array($this->chem)) $url .= '&chem=' . implode( '|', $this->chem );

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